Meet our Actress- Corinna

 Corinna_with_Horse_Tues..jpg  CORINNA'S_CARD_PICTURE.jpg  Corinna_with Rescue Dog Charlie May 2016
Corinna is a home-schooled student who will turn 14 during the summer of 2016. When the first series of Spectrum Keys videos were made,  her perspective on “how kids would do it” shaped each and every video we created. 

She considered herself lucky to have had an early exposure to children with special needs in her mom's classroom.  When she was in 2nd-grade (before she was home-schooled) Corinna realized that all children did not share her perspective - so  she decided to do something about that, and wrote a letter to her classmates. When her mom asked if she would like to help by creating videos- she jumped right in.

Now that she is a teen,  Corinna has realized that there are some unique challenges for teens with ASD or other language-based disorders. She is taking the lead in creating a new series of videos for teens, which will be due out late summer 2016

 This is the note that Corinna wrote to her classmates when she was 8- years-old. It says "My Cousin has autism, and just becasue she has autism doesn't mean that she is different from any of the other kids. I want people to be nice to her."



Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  1. How can I find/ use the images that I need?
    The images are all grouped according to theme or story. Simply open up the collection to  find the image you want. You can print it out directly, or you can copy and paste it.
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  2. What research do you rely on to build Spectrum Keys?
    There is a great deal of research about visually structured environments and video modeling tools.  Learn more on our Research Page. 

  3. I really need a video to help my child learn.......
    We are building a Forum which should be ready by July 1. This is intended to be a tool for our members to share ideas and needs with us and with each other.

  4. How does a fundraiser work?
    Simple - just sign up. We will give you a link that is exclusive to you. Put that link in your email, social media or on your webpage.  You will get a referral fee for everybody that uses your link to sign up.  Click here to learn more

  5. Why is June Free?
    We have finished with the design and video upload and will spend the rest of June uploading stories and images. Because there might be a glitch or two along the way, we don't want folks to feel like they need to pay during this time. Plus, we are hoping to get some feedback before our official launch on July 1, 2016.

  6. How do I get a multi- user license for my school/ agency?
    Just contact us and let us know!
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